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Oval style stormwater drainage pit for Adelaide

Stormwater Drainage & Electrical Pits for Adelaide

GRC Cubic Style Pits

Cubic style pits (GRC)

These pits are a unique design; all are made in modular cubic sizes starting at 300 x 300 x 300mm up to 900 x 900 x 900mm. Riser sections may be added to increase the height.

These Pits are manufactured using “Alkaline Resistant Fibreglass Reinforcing” specifically produced as a “High Strength Concrete reinforcement “which enables us to manufacture a Pit with minimal 25mm wall thickness whilst still reaching strengths usually obtained with much thicker traditional concrete. Thus these pits are much lighter than Traditional Pits.

The Standard Lids are suitable for Pedestrian Traffic and include the text of “ELECTRICAL CABLE” or “COMMUNICATION CABLE” inscribed on the visible surface, Heavy Duty Lids are available upon request.

Cubic Style Pits & Lids


Stormwater/Electrical Pit & Electrical Fittings

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