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Modular Concrete Troughs

Modular Concrete Troughs

Bettacrete Precast Pty Ltd has been manufacturing a range of Precast Concrete Water Troughs for over 50 years.

Our latest range of Modular Concrete Troughs are a combination of many years of development.

All Troughs in this range come complete with a Raised 25mm Brass Inlet (size may increased if requested) and a Light Weight Galvanised Float Valve Cover that is fixed to the Trough with our unique Stainless Steel clipping system. This enables the Farmer to inspect and maintain the Float Valve with no tools but secure enough that Animals with not interfere with it.

“No more finger jamming and strained backs.”

Our Modular Troughs come in 1.2 Metres (4ft), 2.4 Metres (8ft), 3.6 Metres (12ft), 4.2 Metres (14ft) and 4.8 Metres (16ft two section).

We also manufacture a range of Smaller Animal Troughs for more detail see the “SQUARELINE TROUGH SECTION.”

Modular Concrete Troughs - Bettacrete Precast Rural Products


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