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Bettacrete Precast - Custom Made Precast Concrete Products

Custom Precast Concrete Products

Bettacrete Precast - custom made productsBettacrete Precast has vast experience from manufacturing tens of thousands of custom products (in fact this is our biggest selling category). At times our tender submissions have resulted in organisations re-specifying their product needs based on our input.

Products have varied from small mass produced items to large low-volume orders such as:-

  • Counter-weights,
  • Designer landscape items,
  • Load-bearing bases,
  • Special needs paving slabs,
  • Revetment support slabs,
  • Under-water markers
  • Large & small drainage pits
  • Tanks

If it’s concrete and can be made in a mould we can probably do it for you.

Adjustable equipment on 1 of our production lines.

We have six production lines, each geared towards different product types and each equipped with the appropriate vibrating and handling equipment.

Some products can require customised concrete mixes, additives and reinforcing, which we use daily across our extensive range.

Engineering design is required for some applications and our highly experienced team can assist in identifying if this is needed. We can also assist in the early design stages to ensure the most effective approach to moulding, releasing lifting and securing.

Our staff are always available to discuss your needs and make suggestions, they understand some projects take time to research.

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