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Concrete water tanks in Adelaide being installed and lowered into place by a crane

Adelaide's Resource for Concrete Water Tanks

Bettacrete Precast Pty Ltd manufactures a range of Precast Concrete Tanks. These Tanks are all manufactured with the latest technology including a blend of Steel and Polypropylene Fibres specifically designed as reinforcing for the manufacture of Precast Concrete Products which produces a high strength product with no risk of traditional “Concrete Cancer” (Rusting of the steel Reinforcing Rods).

By blending these fibres with our 50MPA Concrete and the latest Special Concrete Admixtures we are able to produce a high strength and durable Tank.

Engineering Designs have been created for these Tanks and we are able to offer a Choice of Cover Slabs (lids) depending on the application ie.

  • Light Duty     Above or Flush with Ground level for Pedestrian Traffic
  • Standard       Up to 900mm Below Ground Level and up to Domestic 4WD Vehicle Loading
  • Heavy Duty   Up to 1200mm Below Ground Level and up to a Light Truck Loading.

For Under Ground Tanks an Access Hatch Riser is available to lift the Access Hatch up to the desired level, all Tanks come with a Bolt Down Cast Iron Access Hatch
Tanks need to be placed into position by Heavy Duty Crane / Truck or Mobile Crane, depending on the location, a site inspection service is available if required.

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