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5,000 Litre Water Tank

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With the versatility of a modest storage capacity, minimal 2.7m square space requirement and a dry weight of just 3.4 tonnes, Bettacrete's 5,000 litre concrete water tank is perfect for domestic, commercial & industrial water storage needs.

Bettacrete Precast - 5,000 Litre Concrete in ground water tank

Bettacrete Concrete tanks are designed to go underground, thus not wasting precious space. Tanks can be supplied to finish flush with the surface (Round Concrete Coverslab) or up to 900mm below the surface.

Flush tanks have concrete access cover, below surface tanks have 600 dia. cast iron cover, inlet and outlet penetrations can be customised to suit your own application.

Site Preparation – Excavate a 2.7m x 2.7m square hole to the required depth plus 75mm, place a 75mm thick level bed of 10mm screenings on the base, it is recommended that the tank be partially filled with water immediately after positioning to avoid tank "floating". When back filling avoid large "rocks" and compact well.

5,000 Litre tanks may be placed immediately behind the delivery truck or immediately alongside, provided clear access is available. Site must be level and clear of overhead power lines, trees etc.

Bettacrete Precast - in ground concrete water tanks

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